It's August Already!

Holy mackerel, it’s August already! 
I can't believe how much time has gone past since I wrote my last news. I swear I must have been travelling in the Tardis!
A lot has happened since that last post. 
Firstly my trip overseas this August/Sep/Oct to UK and Ireland has been postponed till next year. After I got back from my trip to Sicily, I realised I had hardly spent any time at home in the last year. My dogs were on the point of disowning me! I also felt I was rushing into a tour that I hadn't really dedicated enough time to organise and promote properly. Plus I wanted to spend this dry season in Darwin, getting out bush and enjoying the beautiful weather, not stuck inside on a computer planning for another trip.
That can wait till the buildup!
So last month I took my Southern Handsome Devils, Richard Grace and Ian Morrison along with Graham Ring and Ian’s partner Michelle, out to see a bit of the Territory. They’d never been before and had made a few remarks last time I saw them at the National Folk Festival over Easter (where it was freezing) when I said “seeya, enjoy winter! I’m going back to the tropics and the warm weather.”
I had a couple of texts a few weeks later saying “we’re coming to visit!”
We started out this Top End adventure by doing a couple of shows in Darwin - Dinah Beach and Mindil Markets, to ease them into the warm weather and to acclimatize them to the Territory way…drinking beer by the pool, afternoon naps, drinking beer on the beach, good Thai food, playing music and drinking beer. They seemed to slide into this lifestyle rather effortlessly.
Then we ventured out of town for a day trip to gear them up for travelling in the outback. Litchfield national Park – waterfalls, giant termite mounds, swimming, scorching heat, hoards of tourists, gourmet lunch, beers…altogether a really tough trip. I must say they handled it well (I on the other hand had a small mishap falling down the rocks at Wangi Falls, ending in blood and bruising of the leg and ego) and the general consensus was that they were ready for the BIG TRIP. For more about this intrepid musicians journey go to my Blog Page.

Right now I’m just enjoying being in Darwin. Going for a swim at the beach, walking my dogs down the creek, hanging at home watching reruns of Doctor Who (new series starts Aug 24th) and having sunset beers with my friends and visitors, who seem to be coming and going in a steady flow. Life is good.
Plans for the next few months are about the same as above except for starting to organize myself for festival season down South and the trip away next July/Aug/Sep which hopefully will see me back in either UK, Ireland, Sicily, Germany, US, Mexico, Canada or all of the above! If you have a venue in your neighborhood you’d like me to play at, let me know. I’ll see what I can do to make it happen.
Have a few local shows here in Darwin coming up (see below). Be great to see you at one if you’re in town. Otherwise, hopefully I’ll be in your neck of the woods in the coming year.
Thanks for supporting my music by buying my CDs, coming along to shows, requesting one of my songs on your local radio station and spreading the word amongst your friends and family. I really appreciate it.
Cheers and beers
Upcoming Shows:
Wed 27 Aug – Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Club 7-10pm Free
Friday 26 Sep – Casuarina Library 12-1pm Free
Wed 1 Oct – Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Club 7-10pm Free
Sun Oct 19 – Nightcliff Markets 10.30am-1.30pm Free
Wed 5 Nov – Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Club 7-10pm Free
15-26 Nov – VIC Tour
Jan 9-11 – Cygnet Folk Festival

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