Covid-19 and a Dry without Tourists

Well where did that year go?!!

I knew it had been a while since I updated my website but how did that much time go by?

The last few months have been challenging for me on a few fronts, but…


Dry Season Darwin Days

What an absolute ripper of a dry season we are having up here. Have had the blanket on the bed for at least the last month!

Means there's no excuse not to get out and enjoy all the fabulous festivals…


Surely it's not been a year!

Holy moly has it been over a year!!!!

I promise I don't mean to be slack, time has just disappeared.

It's been a challenging year with a black cloud following me around most days of the first 8…


Cox Country Club and Halloween in the Living Room

Greetings from a lovely rainy Darwin buildup morning.

Just a quick note for local Darwin folks to tell you I'll be doing a solo performance at Girls Night In - a fundraiser for women’s cancer research, prevention programs and…

2017 who knew!

Hey everyone. 
Just a quick hello to reassure you things are still kicking along on at my end despite the way a lot of the world seems to be going crazy.
It's been great to have been able to take…

Soggy Xmas Greetings from Darwin

I know I've been terribly slack with keeping you up to date with what's been going on but to tell you the truth there has been very little.
I've made a conscious decision to step back from the music for…

Last Melb shows.

Mount Beauty Music Fest with Sally Taylor and Richard Grace. Photo Innes Campbell.

As usual time has slipped by me again. One day I'll get on top of this regular posting thing!

The last few months has seen me do…

2016, how did you creep up on me!

The road into Nauiyu (Daly River community).

100m down the same road on Boxing day 2015. 

Feb 2nd 2016

Happy New Year all. Yes I know it's Feb already. 2016, how did you creep up on me!
Yet again I've…

Helloooo Ireland!

Pic Maryanne Butler - Beer tasting in Dublin

Dia Dhuit from County Clare!

As usual time seems to get away from me and I am always stunned at how long it has been since I wrote my last lot of…

Colleen Hewett releases my song Shutup and Let Me Breathe

Pic: Colleen from her new video, Shut Up and Let me Breathe – out soon. For Violence Free Families –a Rotary initiative.

Hey everyone.

 I'm really excited to let you know Colleen Hewett is releasing my song Shutup and Let…

Hello Melbourne!

Rockin' out at Newstead Live    Photo Trevor Pearson

Hey all.
I cannot believe how fast this year is tearing past. One more week and my festival season is over and I'll be heading back north.
This last couple of months…