What a year! Here's to 2022!! 🔥

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or however you celebrate this coming season, I wish you a joy filled, peaceful time surrounded by those you love. 

I am surrounding myself with an overgrown lawn and weeds as tall as the Hills Hoist (of which I am doing my best to ignore for a couple of days) fortunately in the luxury of aircon out at my property at Daly River with a stack of books to keep me company! 

It’s sure been a challenging year for almost everyone but hopefully there has been some positives that have come out of all the uncertainty and chaos. The next couple of weeks is a perfect time to sit down and reflect on what you have achieved (with an appropriate beverage of choice in hand). I know I will be giving myself a good pat on the back for hanging in there and getting my sh*t sorted. 

Funnily enough I am grateful for COVID coming along, forcing me to rethink how I was going to continue as an artist after the first lockdown, and extremely grateful for Jobkeeper of which I plied into multiple online courses in recording, producing and email marketing, and invested in some basic studio gear. 

So now 18 months on I have completely pivoted in my career as a singer songwriter and performer, to a newbie producer and workshop facilitator/consultant. 
I have never been happier! 😀 

I’m sure I'll still do the odd gig or two, but for the most part I am having an incredible amount of fun and getting so much fulfillment out of creating music for myself and other people that performing may get put on the backburner for a while. 

Recently I have signed up for AirGigs and Soundbetter, online music markets dedicated to providing services in all things music. You can find singers, songwriters, all sorts of instrumentalists and producers/mix engineers for your project if you are lacking in one of those skills. I am offering my services as a vocalist and songwriter at this stage but am working hard at improving my skills as a producer.

There are so many new opportunities out there right now if you go looking and want to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I was so lucky to have found the right people at the right time to guide me in this new direction.

Anyway, I thought it way overdue to let you know what I’ve been up to and what to expect of me in 2022. 

First on my list for 2022, now that I am getting on top of my production skills, is to start recording the new album of songs co-written with Peter Hayes (yes THAT Hayes family). It is going to be such a mixed bag of genres and styles that it won’t be your normal “album release”. Stay tuned! 

Other things on the list include:

Building up a client base for more online work as a vocalist and top-liner (adding lyrics to an instrumental/beat). 

Creating alternative versions of already released material – By the Wayside and some of the Cowgirls songs for sync licensing, getting them into music libraries for film and TV. 

Songwriting workshops and retreats.

Promoting my music consultancy business ‘Shoot From the Lip” to help other musicians utilise the new online platforms, amongst other opportunities, to get work in their area of expertise. 

oh and having lots of fun!!! 

So it’s going to be a busy year but I am ready to throw myself in the deep end and swim like Leisel Jones!! 

I hope you all have a safe, happy and peaceful holiday season and that I get to share a beer or two with some of you in the New Year. 

Biggest hugs 

Tracey ❤️

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