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Another Broken Juliet

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Shirley Bassey's Goldfinger meets Marty Robbins El Paso in a Tarantino-esque Spaghetti Western with female leads.


Another Broken Juliet - Tracey Bunn / Peter Hayes

That woman over there she's got seven colours in her hair
Her skin's a crust

Her layers of deceit are so thickly pasted on
Hardly seems a thing about her I could trust

She orders one last drink
Before she has one more, adjusts her crooked smile, pushes up her bust

She stares into the night
There's something that she knows but all I'm seeing is diamonds in the rust

She is everything that I could need tonight
We'll talk in trembled whispers
And we'll stay out of the light
She'll tell me that she's never met someone so easy to please
Another broken Juliet bringin' out the Romeo in me

And when our skins are dreaming and our songs swept out to sea
The moonlight crosses over her, she turns her face away
But her paint is on my pillow and all that I can see
Is another broken Juliet, another broken Juliet, another broken Juliet bringing' out the Romeo in me

In that mansion over there
Lives a girl with perfect skin and golden hair but I don’t care