Last Melb shows. 

Mount Beauty Music Fest with Sally Taylor and Richard Grace. Photo Innes Campbell.

As usual time has slipped by me again. One day I'll get on top of this regular posting thing!

The last few months has seen me do a quick trip to Melbourne for a Valentines day show at The Drunken Poet then a road trip back up to Alice with good friend and fabulous fiddle player Sonia O'Brien from Co Clare who was experiencing her first Aussie Adventure. That was fun but cut short due to a death in the family. She says she'll be back in time for next Nariel Creek! She is also now aware that Australia is a huge country. An hour out of Port Augusta..."when are we going to get to the next Village?" ....gave me a good laugh!
Back in Darwin I have been having a good look at myself regarding what I'm actually doing and what I need to be doing. When I figure that out I'll let you know! In the meantime I will be pulling back on touring and doing less gigs and concentrating on getting the passion back and writing and learning new songs. I'm looking forward to a few special shows, one being Mandorah Ukulele Fest in June and possibly a secret festival out bush??? Stay tuned for more info on that one.

Right now I'm in Melbourne after a beautiful weekend of music at Mount Beauty Music Festival. Fabulous venues, great sound and wonderful local hospitality. Tho I reckon it could've been a tad warmer! Holed up today trying to shake off a pesky sore throat threatening to evolve into a full blown flu. No chance of that happening. I have paracetamol and whiskey :) 
Plus I have a few more gigs this week while I'm here. 
One in particular I'd love to see all you Melbourne mob at is Fridays show at Albert Park Yacht Club. I will have the amazing Damien Neil back on guitar for the first time in a very long time and Richard Grace on upright bass. I always end up having such a great time with these two guys and with Damien you never quite know what's going to happen. There have been moments of incredible hilarity, with our audiences often being confused as to whether they've come to a standup show or a musical gig! 
There'll be hot finger food included and drinks at club prices. 
For those of you unfortunate enough to not be able to make that show I'll be at the Lomond on Wed for a short solo acoustic set, Radio Springs Hotel on Sat and The Drunken Poet on Sun. See below for details. 
This will be my last visit to Melbourne for this year as plans go right now, so I hope I get to catch up with a few of you while i'm here this time for a beer and a chin wag. 
Otherwise you could always come to Darwin! 
Thanks again for your support and for buying my music and spreading the word. 
Let's keep live music happening by going out to a show and supporting your local musicians.



Wed 4 May - Club Acoustica, Lomond Hotel (solo acoustic) 8.15-8.45pm 
Fri 6 May - Albert Park Yacht Club, South Melb with Damien Neil and Richard Grace 8-11pm. Pre book tix at: or call 03 9690 1233 BH. $20 pre book, $25 cash on the door. Includes bread and dips before show and hot finger food at interval. Drinks at bar prices. Please book in advance to ensure adequate catering. 
Sat 7 May - Radio Springs Hotel, Lyonville 6pm. Bookings 03 53485562 
Sun 8 May - Drunken Poet, West Melb 6.30-8.30pm

2016, how did you creep up on me! 

The road into Nauiyu (Daly River community).

100m down the same road on Boxing day 2015. 

Feb 2nd 2016

Happy New Year all. Yes I know it's Feb already. 2016, how did you creep up on me!
Yet again I've managed to let time slip away from me although I've really needed the last few months to rest and recover from a bout of anxiety. I pulled the plug and headed bush to my place out at Daly River where peace and quiet reigned and all I had for an audience were the birds, the wallabies and the resident frill necked lizard! The Daly River flood over Christmas made things even quieter, though being up on a hill meant the animals were plentiful and a lot more friendly, including a bull buffalo that came charging down the firebreak at me - followed by a panting smiling dog that thought chasing buffalo was way better than wallabies!

I'm back in Darwin now, getting myself on track for a big year of music and touring.
The next few weeks will see me in local libraries, a yacht club and a Bowie Tribute night before I head off to Melbourne for a show at The Drunken Poet on Feb 14. It's Valentines day so come down and share the love!
After that I'll be doing a road trip back up to Darwin with my good Irish mate Sonja O'Brien who's out here experiencing her first Aussie summer. (She'll also be playing fiddle at the Drunken Poet show). That should be a hoot!

Then head down bum up into booking my next Ireland, Germany, UK tour for August September.
While I'm in Ireland I'll also be working on recording my new song about that beautiful wild place and doing a video clip. Stay tuned!
But before that I'm hoping to get a video of a song I cowrote with Chips Mackinolty, about his good friend and writer Andrew McMillan, released. 

In between all that Chips and I have started a house concert/ art gallery called The Living Room, which has seen the likes of Leah Flanagan, Don't Mention the Wall, Christa Hughes and the inaugural It's A Dogs Life exhibition. All have been wildly successful and we're looking forward to hosting more music and art this year. Next cab off the rank will be an Irish themed concert featuring Sonja O'Brien (Co Clare, Ireland) and Ingrid Wangle (Adelaide) with Richard Grace (Melb) on upright bass, around St Pats day. Check show schedule for details.

Well for me now it's back to the garden to make the most of this beautiful rain and get some things planted.
I hope to see you all at a show somewhere or at a local pub for a beer or two and a chin wag.
Thanks again for your support and for buying my music and spreading the word.
Let's keep live music happening by going out to a show and supporting your local musicians.




Helloooo Ireland! 

Pic Maryanne Butler - Beer tasting in Dublin

Dia Dhuit from County Clare!

As usual time seems to get away from me and I am always stunned at how long it has been since I wrote my last lot of news.

This is just a short post to say I'm back in the land of the Guinness and green, visiting good friends and playing some tunes. This Tuesday Aug 18 I will be doing a show at Kenny's Bar in Lahinch for all you Clare mob and other adventurous travellers in the neighbourhood. I will be joined by Sonja Obrien on fiddle and John Harrison on tenor resonator guitar. I'll be sharing the night with local Kildare lad Peco McLoughlin aka Valentine Black so it will be a great night of original Americana/country folk rock.

Then I have a few Aussies joining me and my Irish mates for a party on the weekend and no doubt we will be lifting the roof at Kilshanny House with some raucous music making and tom foolery! With Doolin Craft Beer and Roots Music Festival on this weekend as well, I don't think there'll be much sleep being had.

I have a couple of weeks here (to write some new songs!) then I'm off to visit some more friends in Berlin and other places of which I'm letting the wind blow me to.

Back in Aus mid September for a show at The Gasoline Pony in Sydney with Mick Daley and his motley crew Sun Sep 20 5-8pm.


Colleen Hewett releases my song Shutup and Let Me Breathe 

Pic: Colleen from her new video, Shut Up and Let me Breathe – out soon. For Violence Free Families –a Rotary initiative.

Hey everyone.

 I'm really excited to let you know Colleen Hewett is releasing my song Shutup and Let Me Breathe as the first single from her new album Black and White, her first in 15 years. She has teamed up with Rotary and the song is being used as part of their campaign Violence Free Families. I was honored to be asked to take part in the video. 

The Herald Sun is running a FREE download of the single and clip this Friday 15th May, so all you mob please log on to the Herald Sun site on Friday and download the single and video will help big time!

She'll be appearing on The Morning Show with Richard Wilkins on Monday to talk about the album release next week and Rotary Australia's domestic violence initiative. I get a mention!

I am so proud my song has been recorded by one of Australia's best female performers and that its being used as part of a campaign against family violence, something most of us have been touched by at some point in our lives. 

Friday people! Spread the word. Colleens version of my song is amazing!

Tracey xo

Hello Melbourne! 

Rockin' out at Newstead Live    Photo Trevor Pearson

Hey all.
I cannot believe how fast this year is tearing past. One more week and my festival season is over and I'll be heading back north.
This last couple of months has been so much fun, playing at Cygnet, Newstead, and Cobargo Folk Festivals as well as returning to Melbourne for some follow up shows from my trip in November.
I've had great catchup times with old friends and made some amazing new ones. I have three more shows so if I haven't caught up with you yet, please come down and share a beer or two and some tunes.
Also will be joining Denise Hylands on her show Twang on RRR  this Sat 14th March between 2-4pm. We will certainly have some things to catch up on as the last time we chatted was with the Cowgirls in studio 10 years ago!
Thanks so much to everyone that has come up to me after a show and told me how much they enjoyed it and gave me tips on other festivals and gigs that would be good for me to perform at. I'm always looking out for new and fun places to play.
Also to all the musicians that I've shared a stage or session with. You give my songs a new lease of life. That is the reason I love festivals!
Hopefully I'll be heading back out again in the not too distant future to play another festival or show. Until then, my last Melbourne dates are:

Friday 13 Mar - Wesley Ann front bar, Northcote 6-8pm with Richard Grace on upright bass.
Sat 14 Mar - Lomond Hotel, E. Brunswick 9.30pm with Sally Taylor on fiddle and Richard Grace on bass.
Sun 15 Mar - Drunken Poet, West Melbourne 4-6pm with Sally Taylor on fiddle and Richard Grace on bass.

Hope to see you at one or all of these shows for a beer before I head back home.

Cheers and beers
Tracey x

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